An Open Letter to Joe Scarborough


I was beyond appalled by your comments about marriage equality this morning. (Video above, transcript below). Your words indicate not just that you lack any type of social awareness, but both an ignorance and irreverence that should be mortifying for your employer.

You said, Joe, that you wouldn’t compare marriage equality to civil rights. I’m shocked to have to be the one to inform you that marriage equality IS civil rights. It’s a civil rights issue. You, Joe, who loves to play the “patriot card” the “I love my country” card, should be aware of the Inalienable Rights set forth in the Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. When people are not free to love, without fear of repercussions, they are being denied their inalienable rights.

The institutionalized hatred of LGBT(etc.) individuals in this country has not just lead to beatings and deaths nationwide, but sparked a suicide trend among young Americans who don’t see a future that includes liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And you think marriage equality is just a “perk” or an “accessory”? Marriage Equality is 3 weeks paid vacation at a new job or an armful of bangle bracelets to compliment an LBD?

Marriage Equality, Joe, is far more than that. It’s the country, the government, lawmakers, individuals banding together and saying “We will not discriminate against other Americans and we will not tolerate those that do.” If that is not the definition of a civil rights movement, Joe, I’m not sure what is.

Good luck in your future endeavors, I hope MSNBC sees the error in spreading your ignorance on the air.



JOE: (Marriage Equality) is a movement that 80% of Americans don’t really care about, don’t want to talk about and when George Stephanopoulos and other people…

DAVID REMNICK: Which you could have said about civil rights at a certain point…

JOE CONTINUES: In debates…Well I wouldn’t compare it to Civil Rights, I would not compare gay marriage to people getting beaten and killed and lynched in the south …

REMNICK: No, but normalizing the lives of a big segment of our population, people who’ve been without those rights,  is, of course there’s a difference, there are many

JOE INTERJECTS: I, I understand why it matters a great deal to a lot of people…

REMNICK INTERJECTS: The one thing we haven’t heard in this race is…

JOE: I’ll just say though David, though that it’s not really

REMNICK: We haven’t heard a word about the poor, we haven’t heard

JOE: That is not where the overwhelming majority of Americans are focused right now, most are focused on jobs.

REMNICK: Fair enough, but not all movements begin with overwhelming majorities.

Not to mention how colossally weak the defense: ‘we shouldn’t care about marriage equality because it isn’t where the majority is focused’ is and good for Remnick for pointing that out. Joe Scarborough is the worst kind of stupid: loud stupid.

Do you think some Chinese bumpkin who walks around eating pieces of fuming metal he finds on the floor of the dystopian factory workshop where they make Zu Zu Pets gets to sue when his kidneys fail? No, he gets gassed and his skeleton is sold in the United States. No one wants to marry that guy and have a kid with him and nobody wants to watch his insane TV show or read the book he co-wrote with the woman who screams at the sun. He’s a zero. Here in the United States he could be in congress.
Zack at Something Awful (not that the context is really necessary, but you should read the whole thing)