SandraDear Ms. Fluke,

Thank you for taking one for the team. Seriously. If it had not been you it would have been one of millions of other contraceptive users and as one among those millions, I thank you for sacrificing your right to privacy for me. You’re taking some nasty (albeit predictable)…

My s/o wrote this. She’s legit.

Update from Deau: Ms. Fluke has a tumblr.  Follow her and let her know you care!

By any standards, THC must be considered to be a very safe drug both acutely and on long-term exposure. The very low lethality of the drug may reflect the fact that cannabinoid receptors are virtually absent from those regions at the base of the brain that are responsible for such vital functions as breathing and blood pressure control. The available animal data are more than adequate to justify its approval as a human medicine, and indeed it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for certain limited therapeutic indications.
Leslie L. Iversen, The Science of Marijuana