Student loans are just taxes for those not born rich and dare to get an education.

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“It’s almost always white fathers who are into the father rights movement,” Kimmel said. “There’s another father movement exemplified by Barack Obama and Bill Cosby, which is the father responsibility movement, which encourages men to be responsible fathers and engage with their children even if they aren’t married to the mother. And that’s almost entirely a movement of men of color. And if the idea of democracy, as Jefferson said, is to balance rights and responsibilities, look at the father movements today. You’ll see that the men emphasizing rights are white and the men emphasizing responsibilities are African-American.” 

God, just play this loudly right now. Just stop what you’re doing, turn up the volume and hit play.

Debunking the ‘war on men’

Trigger warning: domestic abuse

One of the most lauded activists within the FRA community is Thomas James Ball. Ball, a divorced father of three, was a believer in corporal punishment and admitted that on one occasion, after his 4-year-old daughter licked his hand, he slapped her in the face three times, until “she belched out a mouthful of blood.” He was criminally charged, and his wife filed for divorce three days later. Ball was not a serial abuser, and in the course of the divorce proceedings, the court made a reasonable demand: that in light of the slapping incident, he receive some parenting counseling. He refused on principle, which meant he did not get custody of his kids and did not have visitation rights with his daughters. He spent 10 years filing frivolous motions and was eventually brought in for not paying child support, all the while missing out on seeing his children grow up because he was too stubborn to admit he had done anything wrong. At the end of his ordeal, Ball concluded that “the legal community was in fear of these feminist groups and their crusade against Domestic Violence.” He became the leader of his local FRA-affiliated Fatherhood Coalition chapter. And then, in June 2011, he set himself on fire outside a Massachusetts courthouse.

Ball is now held up by fathers’ rights groups as a hero: “He Died for Our Children,” proclaims one tribute page. Of course, he could have simply gotten some counseling for the sake of his children, but that is less convenient to the fathers’ rights narrative of white male victimization. And Ball is just one among many.

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If you could do me the favour and click through to this YouTube site, and vote up Scout’s comment, I’d really appreciate it. Because at the end of the day - I don’t appreciate people cheapening my message, to make their own dollar.

Hi, can someone please respond to the email I sent you about this video weeks ago after it aired online? 

It wasn’t intended originally as a complaint other than the fact that the @Stuffonscoutshead instagram isn’t credited aside from the word “Instagram”. I had mainly written to you about the fact that since I wasn’t contacted before you made this video, I wasn’t able to ask you if in return for making this video montage, would you guys be open to the suggestion of donating to the rescue in which Scout came from? 

I think you’re missing the larger message Scout is trying to get across while looking for ways to produce traffic to your site, and in avoiding to respond to my e-mail I find that insulting.

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Is this guy not on twitter anymore? I want to follow him.



Is this guy not on twitter anymore? I want to follow him.


Go watch Take Shelter now.

Unless you dislike imaginative, visceral, artistic filmmaking. In which case, avoid at all costs.

When an auteur like Jeff Nichols makes a film, you head to your nearest movie theater, sit down and pay attention.


Bless your heart Joseph Fink.

Just pile this attitude onto the countless reasons to listen to WTNV.

In Hollywood, then and now, success doesn’t beget success so much as it instills a deep and profound terror of failure.
Happy holidays, idiots.

Happy holidays, idiots.

I deeply regret that Congress has seen fit to override my veto of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986.
Ronald Reagan